Glow Face Oil Testimonials

“Glow Face Oil is quality and investment to your skin which you can quickly get addicted to. As long as I can remember I had always suffered with very sensitive, dry and slightly reddened skin. For almost a year now I have used LAAVA Glow Face Oil every day morning and evening. My first 30ml bottle lasted me for seven and a half months and I am now on my second bottle. Since using Glow Face Oil I dont need any extra moisturisers, reddness dissapeared within the first couple of months and my skin is silky soft and moisturised. I know how much passion and perfection has gone in to creating this luxurious product and that every component has been chosen and put in to bottle with love and care. Thank you so much Maarja, for taking upon yourself to create something this special – it has saved my skin!”

– Merily – 

“Thank you dear Maarja for creating such wonderful and ORGANIC product! It’s a peace of mind knowing how much care and passion has gone into creating this product. I’m a huge fan of Laava Glow Face Oil, and how stylish it looks. I apply 2-3 pumps in the evening to slightly moist skin and it feels amazing- love the smell, how it absorbs nicely, making my skin feel so soft and I wake up feeling my skin is still moisturised.”

– Liisa –

“The BEST face oil for dry skin with signs of ageing. Skin is left soft and smooth, without any dry patch. Doesn’t feel too greasy or heavy. Perfect for cold and windy season!”

– Karmen –

“LAAVA Glow Face Oil is luxury to my skin. I have used the oil on a daily bases for almost a year now and my skin is very soft and moisturised. I am so thankful to have found this product and I know that my skin is too.”

– Piret –

“I absolutely love this product!! It’s really nourishing and leaves my skin glowing.”

– Gethe –

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