Anhydrous Beauty - The Ultimate Luxury in Skincare

Anhydrous Beauty - The Ultimate Luxury in Skincare

Anhydrous Beauty - The Ultimate Luxury in Skincare

What is anhydrous beauty?

Anhydrous beauty refers to beauty products that are free from water, using botanical ingredients and nourishing oils to create more potent solutions.

Why choose anhydrous beauty product instead of hydrous product?

It is not necessary to to eliminate water containing skincare from our routines, but be mindful that average beauty products can contain up to 90% of water, which means you could be purchasing a diluted and overpriced product. If you see aqua as the first ingredient in products ingredient list and you can't really recognize other ingredients listed then think if it's worth buying it.

What are the benefits of using anhydrous beauty products?

As there is a global water shortage, using anhydrous beauty products helps reduce water print.

Anhydrous products don't require preservatives like water containing products, therefore leading to a more natural ingredient list.

Rich formulas and high concentration of ingredients means you only need to use a small amount of products for better, faster results and you are using less product and packaging over time.

We recommend our very own Glow Face Oil that is suitable for all skin types and Vibrant Beauty Body Oil that are both anhydrous and highly concentrated. Packed full of skin loving fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants they effectively benefit the skin. 

Sample skincare routine using anhydrous skincare:

1. Cleanse & scrub - You can use oil based cleanser eg. oil or balm that effectively removes dirt and makeup from the skins surface. Oil-based exfoliator leaves your skin supple and glowing. Use a hot damp cloth to completely clean the skin after use.

2. Masque - Powder face masks are the best - fresh choice as you can activate the amount needed prior to use! Their shelf life is usually about two years which means you have plenty of time to use up your product. They don't contain excessive amounts of preservatives that hydrous face masks often do. And the best thing is that each time you use them you can tailor it to your needs.

3. Tone - Flower waters are by products of essential oil distillation process and they work as excellent skin toners.

4. Moisturize - Anhydrous face oils offer great nourishment for the skin. You could also use anhydrous face balms or creams, however as certain oils and balms may be to heavy for your skin type, do some research on the comedogenic rating of the ingredients to match them with your skin needs.