Treatments at The NOW


 Our treatment rooms are situated at The NOW massage, in Ülemiste City’s new business district near Tallinn airport. Whether you are coming from far away or from an office next door, this is the place where time stays still – perfect escape from a busy day.

Warm welcome and beautiful treatment rituals by our founder Maarja will leave you rejuvenated and recharged. You are invited to choose from body rituals including: Balance, Body Works and Renew. We also provide you with skincare advice and you can enjoy 20% discount on all LAAVA products with any LAAVA treatment booked.


LAAVA Balance

This soothing ritual perfectly represents our brand, taking you  onto a journey of inner peace and tranquility.

Soft gentle strokes brushing over the skin encouraging the lymphatic flow and hot lava rocks placed on to energy channels balance the body, mind and spirit.

It’s like drifting in sweet dreams – Ideal when feeling emotionally exhausted.

60min €65.-

LAAVA Body Works

This invigorating body ritual is perfect body fix – ideal for anyone with active lifestyle or if stuck in an office for long days.

Combination of deep strokes, rhythmic tapping and stretching techniques help alleviate pain and discomfort and increase range of motion. Your body will most likely be wanting to experience it again.

90min €95.-


This skin renewing ritual of full body Himalayan salt scrub is perfect for cellulite, stress and exhaustion stimulating circulation and toxin elimination.

Have it before an event for beautifully radiant and smooth skin or as evening ritual allowing precious oils to feed your skin overnight. You will wake up with a silky soft skin.

30min €60.-

Classical Massage

Wholesome experience for the body and mind, during which your therapist will combine different techniques using their expertise and taking into account your mental and physical state.

60min €60.- / 90min €90.- / 120min €120.-

Aromatherapy Massage

Aims to treat the whole person, using aromatic essential oils suited to the individual's physical and mental needs, beneficial for anxiety, stress and depression.

60min €60.- / 90min €90.- / 120min €120.-

Sports Massage 

Focuses on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive movements.
Helps prevent injuries by increasing the range of movement and preparing the body and mind for optimal performance.

60min €60.- / 90min €90.- / 120min €120.-

Body Scrub & Massage 

Himalayan salt crystals and plant oils exfoliate and moisturize the skin, making it velvety soft and smooth.

Followed by a massage to nourish the skin and body further.

90min €110.-

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