Luxury Organic Skincare to Achieve Balance and Harmony

LAAVA from Italian word ‘lavare’ meaning to wash is inspired by Earth washing away its stress by lava flow.
Our founder Maarja Rand, organic skincare formulator and seasoned holistic spa therapist developes potent blends for nourishing the skin, mind and soul to achieve balance and harmony. Her love for natural healing started growing over ten years ago when she was working as a massage therapist in a lovely spa on a beautiful English island.

Being surrounded by the gorgeous smells of aromatic oils, relaxing music, and clients feeling transformed when they left the treatment rooms, she was drawn by natural skincare and traditional healing techniques which led her to study Ayurvedic spa therapies and the science of organic skincare formulating.

LAAVA organic skincare brand was created from passion for natural healing, to nurture physical and emotional wellbeing and bring us closer to Mother Earth.

Maarja has set up her therapy practice in Tallinn, Estonia where she resumes working as a holistic spa and massage therapist while developing LAAVA. Every day she continues to notice how the power of touch and organic skincare positively affect her clients and herself on a physical and emotional level.

  "When using LAAVA products I want you to feel the  connection with nature. Let your skin absorb the healing powers of plant oils and breathe in the beautiful aroma. Without any guilt but with the same love you give to others, take this time to deeply nurture yourself."        

Maarja Rand,
Founder of Laava